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The above schematic is a loose 2-dimensional interpretation of much of Affino’s customer-facing functionality with a few of the underlying processes. Its purpose is in part to illustrate just how much power is contained within a single Affino deployment, but also to demonstrate how many of your own business’s activities can be handled by the Affino platform. Note that various admin processes - including Affino’s ingenious DIY Design Centre interface have been purposely omitted...

Invest in Best of Breed

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When it comes to committing to new technologies, there are usually some very obvious key criteria that need to be met. In weighing up the pedigree and suitability of a solution - the track record is all-important. And in track record we mean the degree by which such a solution is able to ongoingly meet objectives and obligations and adapt to different and evolving conditions.


There has to be a mutually cooperative relationship between Clients and Affino in much the same way that on-...

Affino and the Art of Phasing

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When implementing an Affino Digital Business Solution, you need to have clear goals in mind before you settle on the final configuration. No matter what you select, there will always be follow-on phases to the project, as everything can of course be improved upon and refined.


The huge scope and scale of Affino is such that it would take a very significant time if you wanted to make use of every single element of functionality on offer. That said, when most Clients get into Affino, they...

10 Reasons you should be thinking about Replatforming Right Now

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Just like in Formula 1, the engine with which you power your business vehicle is critical to your success. Like it or not, you are in a race with your competitors to win over a particular pool of customers - and may the best one win! A formula one engine combines sheer power with fuel efficiency, precise control and reliability - you cannot win the race if you suffer engine-failure midway. What you have in these engines is the very cutting edge of hybrid technology with every function, ...

Soar While Your Competitors Flap

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Running a multidisciplinary digital business is usually hard work, and can be considerably complex for anyone trying to maintain a dynamic digital presence. In fact most companies do themselves few favours either by having an overly convoluted solutions and systems setups - often utilising 20 or more disparate technologies to provide the full-service solution stack. Not only is this approach more vulnerable to security issues, as most data is hacked in transition, but several such solutions ...

An Explanation of Unified Platforms and Universal Systems

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Back in the day - when you bought a car, say 10-20 years ago, you really just got the basics for your money. Pretty much everything we now expect as standard kit was an optional extra back then. Quite a number of the optional extras were procured from 3rd party suppliers - things like your In-Car-Entertainment systems.


In fact In-Car-Entertainment has now moved several steps forward as we no longer see the luxury screens embedded into the back of head-rests - nowadays passengers prefer...

Why Every Business Needs a Unified Digital Business Platform

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It is wholly inevitable that more and more of your business will be ongoingly transacted via mobile devices. With Pew Research reporting that people glance at their smartphone 100 times or more each day, it’s in your best interests that some of those glances are connecting with your own business. Mobile ecommerce is taking an ever bigger share of the retail sector, as highlighted by IMRG’s monthly e-Retail Sales Index. Most of the financial services industry, including banking and ...

10 Key Considerations for Digital Businesses Success in 2015

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The current digital age is a boon for businesses wanting to operate across boarders and way beyond any localized or temporal restrictions. With increased opportunities though comes more inherent complexity, and a greater need to wrangle some sort of competitive advantage over a much larger competitive field. The following 10 points are core to our own Affino philosophy in how best to deliver a successful business.


Mobile First Approach - As Pew Research reports, people glance at their ...

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year