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Detangling Customer Journeys

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Very rarely is the first instance of your website perfect, which is why we typically rely on ongoing iterations to refine and improve the experience. At the outset you are taking a bit of a punt as it were to second-guess consumer behaviour, how they find their way around your site and what activities and actions they engage with.


The start and end of the journey has to be the focus for the actual site end-user. Meaning ’what is the opportunity?’ / benefit for them being on...

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The Other Significant Single Customer View

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There has been much talk of the Single Customer View these last 18 months - about providing a seamless and uniform experience for customers across all devices, platforms and touchpoints (OmniChannel)- and how it’s an essential part of any successful modern business. The Single Customer View is best illustrated by Netflix - where you initiate your customer journey on one device and then continue on a variety of devices - starting a film on your smartphone on the commute, then continuing on...

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Customer Experience Management - Providing a Better Customer Journey

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During my visit to Internet World last Wednesday, I noted that a number of companies had their own angle on ’Customer Experience Management’. Recent empirical evidence shows that customers no longer make linear journeys through websites or the Internet as a whole. I myself am a tangential interlaced-browsing aficionado who thinks nothing of popping open another browser window and exploring frequently obtuse or out of the ordinary avenues.


My thoughts veer towards motorcar ...

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10 key considerations for Growing Your Business Organically online

Accelerate Your Growthbusiness developmentBusiness EvolutionCustomer Journeycustomer ladderebusinessEbusiness ExcellenceGrowing Your BusinessOnline Communication ChannelsOrganic Business GrowthOrganic GrowthOrganic SEOpublishing+-

There’s a huge amount of processes and procedures that go into building a business online it would be very difficult to cover absolutely everything in a single article. Instead I have tried to distil some of the key considerations which get you into the right mindset and help you maintain good habits for growing your site in an organic fashion. There’s another promotional layer which overlaps with this, and is often called ’Growth Hacking’, which we will be covering in a...

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Maximising Revenue #5 - Total Monetization by deriving revenues from every online activity

Advertising OnlineAffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionAmazonappleCharging for contentContent SubscriptionContent SyndicationCustomer JourneyDerive Revenues OnlineDigital CommercedownloadsecommerceGoogleMake money onlineMake money through siteMaximising RevenueMobile CommerceOn-demand servicesOnline Funding PlatformOnline MembershipOnline PresenceOnline Revenue StreamsOnline Services PlatformOnline SponsorshipProduct PlacementStore CreditsTotal MonetizationUploadswebsite revenue streams+-

Many people don’t realise quite how many ways you can have to derive revenues through your online presence. In this article we focus on generating revenues from and through a website and its associated online activities. There are other ancillary monetizing streams like App creation and merchandising, but these typically require additional resources and expertise so they are omitted on this occasion.


We always encourage our solution customers to consider their own consumers&rsquo...

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