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10 Key Characteristics which define Affino

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Going beyond the question of ’What is Affino’ to ’What drives Affino?’. The following 10 Characteristics define how we function, and how we work (amongst ourselves and with others) - these are our watchwords. We are a close-knit international team of like-minded, dedicated professionals, who delight in overcoming complex challenges in smart and innovative ways:


Collaborative - Working together as a Team, within and without, dovetailing into client organisations ...

The Other Significant Single Customer View

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There has been much talk of the Single Customer View these last 18 months - about providing a seamless and uniform experience for customers across all devices, platforms and touchpoints (OmniChannel)- and how it’s an essential part of any successful modern business. The Single Customer View is best illustrated by Netflix - where you initiate your customer journey on one device and then continue on a variety of devices - starting a film on your smartphone on the commute, then continuing on...

Affino working with IMRG on next generation Ecommerce Industry Benchmarking Standard

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IMRG and Affino have been working together since the turn of the year to produce an Ecommerce benchmarking system that will allow for a fully-automated data collection and analysis process.

The new service will be embedded on a client’s website, using a smart code and revolutionary sampling algorithms driven through the Affino Social Commerce platform.

Retailers will be able to compare performance with their sector peers - including metrics such as conversion rates, average order values ...

Vertical Lifestyle Membership Portals are where publishing should be at in 2014

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You should have already read that publishers’ traditional revenue streams of advertising and subscription are not really translating into online success - there’s too much free stuff online, so subscriptions and connected advertising revenues are turning out to be relatively low yield. Some publishers are pinning their hopes on Native Advertising - i.e. Advertorials by another name - but most savvy consumers have already learnt to spot and avoid clicking on those also. In my ...

Meeting the Challenges of Integration

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A recent Econsultancy feature discussed the challenges Integration poses for business growth. No matter what type of website / online business you run, there’s likely some need for Integration to provide you with the full solution you require. Ecommerce websites typically have a large number of Integration requirements - I have listed the key areas below. Integration is often a costly and time-consuming activity, and one which needs to be maintained in perpetuity. There are of course a ...

The provenance and pedigree of the Affino Social Commerce Solution

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Our Affino Social Commerce Solution - soon to be version 7.5, has been around for a lot longer than many realise, and has quite an illustrious history. This article is intended to illuminate some of the highlights from Affino’s past evolution - especially for those who have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing Affino.


The roots of Affino go back to Markus’s (Affino CEO) consultancy years of 1997/8 where Affino evolved out of the somewhat more rigid ’Sunrise’...

10 Reasons why you may need to switch Platform to grow your business in 2014

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Over the last 12 months, we have heard a lot about the need for replatforming, owing to game changers and paradigm shifts in the online retail industry. The chiefest of these is the increasing consumer shift to mobile devices and the need to provide a seamless high-level customer experience across all channels of involvement. Responsive Design will of course be essential, but there are several other key criteria which will need to be seriously considered too.


Here follows a quick ...

Maximising Revenue #5 - Total Monetization by deriving revenues from every online activity

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Many people don’t realise quite how many ways you can have to derive revenues through your online presence. In this article we focus on generating revenues from and through a website and its associated online activities. There are other ancillary monetizing streams like App creation and merchandising, but these typically require additional resources and expertise so they are omitted on this occasion.


We always encourage our solution customers to consider their own consumers&rsquo...

Maximising Revenue #4 - Why Empowerment and Speed of Response are essential for growing your business online

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How quickly you can react to market forces is usually the dividing line between success and failure. Every opportunity is fleeting, and rarely are you the only one competing for said opportunity. In marketing, first mover advantage is often the key to seizing the deal. How much you can do in-house at but a moment’s notice is therefore crucial for your success rate.


If you have read ’Maxmising Revenue #1’ - you will know that Gill & Macmillan attribute the ability ...

Maximising Revenue #3 - How Taxonomy and Recommendations are key to a successful Christmas Retail Season

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Christmas is a scary time of year for many shoppers as they have to buy gifts for the extended family - some members of which they don’t know particularly well. Even though it’s customary to ask recipients what they would like to receive, there is still usually a plethora of vague messages which leave a heavy burden on the shopper.


There are two ways to help out such shoppers, and usually two quite different types of shoppers actually. The first way is to set up manual ...

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year