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Stefan's Naturally Aspirated Blog

The Ultimate Customer Experience Platform is one which seamlessly harnesses every Customer engagement, interaction and transaction

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Customer Engagement = Satisfaction

Customer Experience Platforms are all too often just a pivot on CMS or Customer Engagement Platforms, or Front-End Application Stacks even - where the CXP component is just one of several separate elements within a larger Hybrid Enterprise Stack. Whilst they do add some value, they also fall far short of a full service.


For many, a Customer Experience Platform is just a re-naming or re-branding of a core CMS which has some limited personalisation built in. But then needs to interact ...

7 Shades of Marketing

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7 Shades of Marketing

Lots of people have a strange appreciation for what ’Marketing’ is and often conflate its key activities with Sales Lead Management and Sales Admin - where you see several joint Sales and Marketing Managers and Directors, where for me that is almost as skewed as being a Marketing and Finance Director - quite separate and different disciplines really - where one requires you to spend money and expand typically, and the other to curb activities and cut costs as an extreme example!


What Makes an Audience CRM - and how does it deliver more benefits than a regular Sales CRM

Affino Unified Business PlatformAudience CRMCRMCustomer EngagementSales & Marketing AutomationSales CRM+-
Audience CRM vs Sales CRM

The Affino Unified Business Platform is a singular holistic solution - where everything has been developed to work seamlessly together from the ground up. Right at the core of the solution sits the Affino Audience CRM which is fully directly connected to every part and aspect of the system and instantly logs every engagement, transaction and interaction in real time.


The Audience CRM delivers more breadth and depth of scope - with instant and immediate reactions to every user-...

Apple Privacy Protection vs Ongoing Google Exploits

After promising to phase out Cookies at the start of 2022, Google has gone back on its commitments as its replacement FLoC solution has been almost universally opposed by major industry players and regulators - and was certainly not compliant with GDPR or CCPA regulations. It leaves Google’s post third party cookie approach in tatters and with considerable work to build a new approach with broader industry and regulatory support.


Google’s Third Party Cookie support has thus...

The Increasing Importance of Editorial Voice when competing for eyeballs

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Editorial Voice

Let’s face it - in the content publishing world - competition has never been stiffer. Never have there been quite as many agencies and organisations involved. And most consumers are not properly aware of just how much news and features content is outsourced and handled by third party agencies, PR organisations and lobbyists - who work on behalf of major corporations and political organisations.


Most published research these days is funded by big business - seeking to influence ...


AgriBriefing’s LAMMA365 website is the Every-Day manifestation of one of Europe’s largest Trade Events - The LAMMA Agricultural Machinery Show :


This was evolved during Covid to replace and supplement the January NEC Live Event - obviously cancelled for 2021.


While not allowing potential customers to physically ’kick the tyres’ the LAMMA365 site enables pretty much all the discovery tools and collateral - besides the physical presence....

Big Winners - The Big Issue

Yesterday’s Virtual PPA Awards were the most fun yet - with superbly entertaining comedy hosts Marcus Brigstocke and Jess Robinson presiding over the ceremony. There were just a few streaming glitches and some abrupt hard stops - which did nothing really to mar the experience - while I did feel some sympathy for DJ Charli Vos’s abrupt cut-off.


We feel that Affino was a tastemaker at these awards as we were the ones to set the ball rolling for The Big Issue’s hat-trick...

The Food Home Delivery Services are really not up to the task

DeliverooDelivery ServicesFood Home DelivveryJust EatThe Gig EconomyUber Eats+-
What those brands should be more accurately called

As a single male I make quite regular use of the various delivery service - Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats and I have had a somewhat checkered experience of each of those over the pandemic.
In terms of the basic premise of delivery, a number of occasions have seen no delivery or vastly delayed delivery which largely resulted in the same outcome.


When ordering food home - one can reasonable expect :

  • Food to be delivered still warm
  • Food to be delivered properly cooked
  • Food to be

PPA Awards 2021 Innovation of the Year

The PPA Awards seem to have come around very quickly again, as it really doesn’t seem to be that long since we last participated.


This time around we are sponsoring the highly Affino-relevant PPA Innovation of the Year Award. Affino has always been all about Innovation - and our very own keynote event is of course the annual Affino Innovation Briefing. So it makes perfect sense for us to be involved in this category at the forthcoming PPA awards - due to take place virtually / ...

Key Learnings from the PPA Leadership Summit Live Events Think Tank moderated by Affino and AgriBriefing

AffinoAgriBriefingDigitising Live EventsLAMMA 365Live EventsMonetising Live EventsPPA Leadership SummitThink Tank+-
2021 PPA Summit Live Events Think Tank

Affino once more partnered with AgriBriefing, to focus on the recently-launched LAMMA 365 website and digital platform - in order to showcase and debate the topic ’Digitising, Diversifying and Adding Value to Live Events’.


This was in many ways a repeat performance for Marjan Askins, Digital and Technology Lead at AgriBriefing, of her superb presentation at the Affino Innovation Briefing event (Login required) - with a tighter focus around the live events.


We had ...

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year