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Farmers Guardian Launches FG Rewards Loyalty Scheme using Affino's New Customer Loyalty Service

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We’re very excited to announce the launch of AgriBriefing’s Farmers Guardian new loyalty scheme on Affino’s enhanced loyalty services.


Underlying the new scheme is the revival and update to Affino’s display-side Conversion Event Badges which have been re-engineered as a cornerstone Farmers Guardian’s FG Rewards Loyalty Scheme just recently launched.


Activities and Rewards


The loyalty scheme utilises eight core Affino elements which now ...

Why Affino's Full Service Fidelity is key to the Future Success of Your Business

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You will no doubt have read about Google’s intentions to end support of 3rd party cookies in the near future, following in the footsteps of Apple and Firefox.


What this means to almost all websites and web-based-businesses is that their services will be severely curtailed - as most rely heavily on stitching together multiple applications and plugins through the use of JavaScript and 3rd party cookies.


We probably have not been vocal enough about this as billions of ...

Charity Digital and Consortium Launch Commendable and Timely Heritage Digital Initiative for UK Heritage Organisations

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With help from National Lottery funding, Heritage Digital is a 4-way consortium comprised of Charity Digital, The Heritage Alliance, Media Trust and Naomi Korn Associates. They’ve come together to help leverage their digital knowledge and expertise for the heritage sector. The Heritage sector has been much impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, and this is just the right time to come together to help the sector get back on its feet.


Charity Digital specialises in training up ...

Affino Congratulates Winalot, Zenith and Immediate Media for Winning the Commercial Partnership of the Year Award at Today's 40th PPA Awards

2020 PPA Awards WinnerCommercial Partnership of the Year AwardCoronavirusCovid-19Immediate MediaPPAPPA 40PPA AwardsTTGVirtual EventVirtual PPA AwardsWinalotZenith Media+-

Affino was incredibly proud to have participated in this year’s 40th Anniversary PPA Awards. Held virtually for the very first time because of the Coronavirus pandemic. So instead of the usual venue of the Ballroom at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane - this was a more casual affair attended via screens!


Any concerns about the running of the event were dispelled as soon as the Awards broadcast started rolling, and while there were some roving eyes and obvious instances of ...


All our staff at Affino have been using the Ghostery Browser Privacy plugin from the start - to be able to view exactly what 3rd Party Trackers there are on a particular page / website - and to opt out of, and screen those as appropriate.


Apple has pretty much taken Ghostery’s approach and baked it into its own Safari browser across all devices in the upcoming iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur releases, as well as its Apps environment / ecosystem. Which means that customers / ...

TTG Media Records Double Win at the Campaign Publishing Awards - including Business Media Brand of the Year

Campaign MagazineCampaign Publishing AwardsCoronavirusCovid-19Matt RoclawskiTTGTTG Media+-

TTG Media are really going from strength to strength these days - despite the significant hit of Coronavirus on the Travel Sector. We’ve already detailed this year how TTG were the very first to get up a Coronavirus Hub - which proved to be an amazing Industry-wide Collaboration Platform.


It is well deserved that TTG keep being recognised for their proactive and innovative stance - which sees them evolve and thrive in even the most harshest of economic conditions. We are doubly ...


All of us at Affino are delighted to be supporting the PPA once more and helping to keep the publishing industry vital and vibrant in these challenging times. We are again sponsoring a category at the PPA Awards - this year we are handing out the Award for ’PPA Commercial Partnership of the Year’. Collaboration is such a big part of what we do at Affino - so we are very aware of the critical importance of smart commercial partnerships in sharing resources to build something better. ...

The End of UK Newspaper Print Circulation Reporting Signals Even Further Shift Towards Digital

ABCAudit Bureau of CirculationCirculationCirculation ReportingCoronavirusCovid-19Digital MediaNewspapersPrint Publishing+-

As of last Thursday - or May 21st, UK National Newspapers no longer need to make their print circulations public through auditors ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations). We already know that Newspaper sales have dropped significantly since the onset of Coronavirus, but with the mandate lifted, we may never properly know to what degree those figures have declined.


It used to be that Print Figures and Print Advertising were two of the main drivers for news publishers - to an extent that ...

Spotify Finally Seems Like It's Making Extended Range Portable Music Collections a Possibility

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Spotify has recently announced that it’s at last removing the 10,000 Song limit on personal collections. What exactly this means still isn’t entirely clear, and as per my testing today those limits still seem to be very firmly in place - and I’m still getting the alerts! Weird too is that the announcement appears in several news and social media, but not in Spotify’s own news feed - which is leading on the Joe Rogan Experience story? ...

The Forthcoming Unreal Engine 5 Will Usher in a New Immersive Age for Gaming, Film and Television

Epic GamesGraphics EngineImmersive EntertainmentImmersive FilmImmersive Movie ExperienceImmersive TVPlayStation 5Unreal Engine 5+-

I must confess that my gaming days are largely behind me - while I do dabble occasionally - but I certainly continue to keep tabs on the latest gaming developments. The recent Unreal 5 Engine Reveal - which demonstrates the latest iteration of that forthcoming graphics and sound engine running on the forthcoming PlayStation 5 platform is just stunning.


You can see how much incredible effort has been put into getting everything to behave more fluidly and naturally - from the look and ...

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