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Essential Webinar Advice from James Harley of Drewry Shipping Consultants

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We were very fortunate today to share the wisdom and expertise of James Harley, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Drewry Shipping Consultants. James has many years of experience in providing global webinars, coordinating both morning and afternoon sessions of the same event to fully service the global community. We thought James’s experience and knowledge would be very useful for anyone looking to take advantage of these virtual seminars - in the wake of mass-cancellations of ...

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TTG Media Cements its Travel Industry Leadership with Exemplary Coronavirus Hub

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At Affino we’ve long advocated the use of Topic Hubs and Industry / Sector Collaboration Spaces to better serve your audience - and to which ends our platform is honed to deliver those sorts of elements with ease.


If you’re connected to the Travel Industry in any way, for sure you will have made use of the essential updates delivered by TTG’s sharp-minded and ever-present team - who are typically first with that sort of news, or at least the most authoritative in ...

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The Challenges of Home / Remote Working and How We at Affino Have Perfected it over 10 years

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News coverage these days has been understandably overrun by features on the Covid-19 / Coronavirus. Through a variety of circumstances including workplace infections and measures made for preventative means - several people have been compelled to comply with ’Social Distancing’ and the need to work from home, if their type of work allows such.


When we founded Affino back in 2009, we established the company to take advantage of the benefits of working remotely. Bricks-and-...

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News Corp has been involved in an ongoing case with the HMRC concerning tax liabilities and possible rebates in relation to the application and interpretation of the 1994 VAT Act - which defines how News Publications / Newsprint Editions are exempt from VAT. As this law came into being right at the start of the internet - it did not really properly or specifically target the arrival of Digital News Publications and Editions.


The lack of clarity in the legal definitions meant that the ...

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You may have noticed that on some websites you access you get those rather tedious ’X Wants to send you Notifications’ pop-up dialogue boxes that you need to action in some way before you are able to access any content or function on said website page.


I actually encounter those a lot less nowadays than the equally sneaky ’Would like to use your current location’ pop-ups. Function- and annoyance-factor-wise though they are the same really - simply unwanted pushy...

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Microsoft Edge Browser Running Officially on Chromium since January 15th 2020

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This news may have slipped some of you by - as in fact it did me until I was doing some referencing recently for a client issue. I always thought Edge was a natural continuation of Internet Explorer - just more aligned to the then brand new Windows 10 application platform.


Long gone are the heady days when IE was the number one browser - in fact the Edge successor has been languishing in 3rd place - behind Chrome and Firefox- for quite some time now.


I guess Microsoft decided ...

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Google's New Changes to Search Results Blur the Lines Between Organic and Paid Entries

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Around a week ago you may have noticed changes in the layout of your Google Search results. I actually thought that I had done something wrong and spent a while trying to figure out where I had inadvertently triggered some kind of secret key combination setting. In surfing around for answers I discovered that in fact Google had updated the search engine to look quite different.


A great case in point is the below visual which shows a paid Apple entry on top of the official organic entry...

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Google Announces plans to Eliminate Chrome Browser Third Party Cookie Support over the Next Two Years

3rd party cookiesBrowser Privacycookie policyGoogle ChromeUser Tracking+-

Google has recently made an announcement that it will look to phase our third party cookie support over the next couple of years - citing privacy concerns as a major reason and bringing itself into alignment with Firefox and Safari browsers.


Yet we need to take Google announcements with a pinch of salt as they have conflicting interests as regards tracking users and selling those details to advertisers. What the move will accomplish is to lock out any third party players from the ...

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Film Release Highlights for 2020

2020 Film ReleasesBest in EntertainmentFilm Release Highlights for 2020

2019 was largely a Disney / Marvel kind of year - with lots of franchise live-action re-makes alongside plenty of the usual super-hero fare - nicely book-ended by the customary Christmas Star Wars release.


Funnily though none of the Disney films made it into my top 10 favourites for the year - which was an odd mish-mash of genres - as below. Besides Star Wars Skywalker, I also caught Cats and Little Women over the Christmas break - both of which I enjoyed enormously. I really don&rsquo...

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The Future of Music 2020

2020 Album ReleasesFuture of MusicNew Artists

So I’ve changed the title once more - away from Online and Digital specifically to just Music in general. And the focus here is wider and more eclectic than ever before - touching on different countries and continents even - different dialects and languages.


If I were to name just one overarching trend it would be the continued growth/proliferation of the ’street’ forms of hip-hop - Grime and Trap in particular, and there are quite a few new up-and-comers in those ...

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