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iTunes No-Downloads Rumours are bad news for both Consumers and Musicians

apple iTunes MP3 Music Industry Music Streaming Music Downloads + -

We’ve seen a number of rumours floating about - stating that Apple / iTunes is looking to suspend its iTunes Downloads Store some time around March 2019 onwards. The end result of this being less choice for consumers and still lower revenues for musicians - who already face diminishing returns across the board.


It’s likely another nail in the coffin of the Apple Eco-System (for me) and will probably accelerate my departure from the Apple platform - as Music has been one of ...

TV Show Alphabetti Spaghetti

TV Shows Favourite TV Shows Alphabetti Spaghetti TV Alphabetti Spaghetti + -

This is possibly the final part of the Alphabetti series - which started with Music Albums, then Movies, Pop Videos, and now TV Shows! I have tried to recall all the significant ones from the various stages of my life so far - but inevitably I will have overlooked one or two. I am obviously a big fan of Sci-fi - so those choices pervade throughout the alphabet. I have deliberately excluded Japanese TV and Anime in particular - as I intend to probably do a separate post on that some time later. ...

Increased Brazen Pavement Bandit Activity does seem to show Police have lost control of London to some degree

Scooter Crime Moped Crime London Crime Pavement Bandits Metropolitan Police Law & Order + -

I last wrote a piece on ’Pavement Bandits’ back in May of last year - almost one year ago now - highlighting the brazen attitude of Moped-riding thugs who were tearing up the streets of London in a most brazen and unruly manner - wielding Machetes and Sledgehammers and attacking stores at will and in broad daylight - up and down the West End of London - Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street - as well as the ongoing more petty mobile phone and bag theft.


Yesterday at ...

Buying Modded Pedals - 20 of the Best Types

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Modded Pedals Modified Pedals + -

I am a huge fan of Modified / Modded pedals, and often wait a week or two on EHX releases to see if JHS doesn’t have some key updates for me for a relatively minor additional cost. I have too many times foolishly overlooked modified pedals, having bought the Xotic trifecta in its original form, as well as way too many Boss pedals initially in their original versions - where there are often as many as half a dozen alternative / tweaked versions available for relatively meagre additional ...

2 Cool New Forthcoming Pedals - REVV Amps G3 and Flower Pedals Dandelion Harmonic Tremolo

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Tremolo High Gain Distortion + -

This is a slightly odd assortment really - I was aiming to theme it in some way or wait for some other new arrivals - but despite scouring various different news feeds and all the usual sources - there is not much in the way of new that we weren’t already aware of.


So that pretty well-known Canadian amp manufacturer launches their first pedal - based on the best-loved Channel of their best-loved amp. Amp-voiced pedals are always a particular favourite of mine.


At the ...

The Perfect Electric Guitar Design and Why

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Ideal Guitar Design

Following on from my visualisations of Perfect Pedals and Amp I now add my take on my idealised guitar - of course largely building on and evolving from PRS here. When I scope out a guitar for myself I have a number of key criteria in mind - which must be present in a guitar or easily upgradeable at home. In fact the easiest way to communicate this is why a top-to-bottom checklist with explanations - the highlights of which are covered in the visual above:

The Perfect Large Format and Workstation-Type Pedal Design

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Large Enclosure Guitar Pedals Workshop Guitar Pedals + -

This piece concludes my musings on ideal pedal formats in the different enclosure size categories - starting with Compact, then Mini, then Medium, and now finally Large!


I have always subscribed to the view that larger workstation pedals are the way to go for the most productive playback of Modulation Effects, Delay and Reverb. A key reason why this is the case is that the principal representatives of the genre - the Eventide X-Factor pedals, Strymon’s ’Stryfecta’ of ...

The Perfect Medium Enclosure Guitar Pedal Design

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Medium Enclosure Pedals + -

Hot on the heels of my Perfect Compact and Mini pedal prototypes here follows the Medium size enclosure version. I have based this on an extrapolation from the classic Strymon medium enclosure - taking those same box dimensions and extrapolating my Compact pedal prototype to fit the larger form factor. Note that I’ve tried to scale the above visual to the same relative size as the previous Compact and Mini pedal visuals - which means no space for additional diagrammatic legends - as I use...

The Perfect Mini Guitar Pedal Design

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Mini Guitar Pedal + -

In my continuing quest for pedal perfection, and following on from my piece on ’The Perfect Compact Guitar Pedal Design’ I now present a brief overview on my perfect mini pedal. In this instance the original source template is a Pigtronix micro pedal but with some significant modifications.


I have tried to cram in a serious amount of technology into a mini pedal, so I am not sure in this instance, whether it would stand the addition of Fender Pedal-style illuminated dials -...

The Perfect Guitar Amp Design / Next Level Boss Katana

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Amps Boss Katana + -

I will preface this article with two statements - firstly, I currently run a stereo rig with a 39-pedal-chain, going into a Boss Katana KT100 on the left channel, and an all-tube Carvin V3MC on the right. The Katana is obviously a digital modelling amp based on an EL34 tube amp profile, while the Carvin V3MC runs on proper EL84 tubes - which gives you a lovely warm, dynamic and sparkly tone. The two amp profiles combine really well together to give you a beautifully harmonically rich and wide-...

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