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Favourite Affino Features

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This project is the culmination of a year’s work (for the Graphics!), in some ways it could be said to be the culmination of Affino’s 15 years of development. We have long wanted an elegant means of showcasing the extensive Affino Features Set - and we have takled it a number of ways previously - trying to do a complete features listing (100’s of individual elements - now archived for being too large), and the much celebrates ’Periodic Table of Affino Elements’ - which has 128 listed features - yet still needs further essential additions.


This time it was going to be simpler, yet more detailed, more illustrative at the same time, and punctuated with some lovely iconographic and obviously meaningful pictures and screencaptures. We hand-picked a list of 50 key features as we saw them; alas ’Affino Messenger’ still remains to be re-developed in HTML5 (some way off), but the other 49 can now be found listed on the pictured Affino Features screen; they are as follows:



Analysis Dashboard Application Bar Archiving Asset Generation
Blog Campaigns CDN Comments & Rating
Community Management Competitions Content Highlights Control Centre
Customer Ladder Design Centre Digital Goods Directories
Discussion Boards Ditribution Automation Events Forms
Groups Incoming Feeds Integration Live Edit
Media Editor Media Embeds Media Library Member Profiles
Membership Mobile Formats MP3 Player Newsletters
Predictive Search Recommendations Related Items Security
Social Commerce Social Connectors Social CRM Store Profiles
Structure Management Subscriptions Syndication Team Time
Topics and Keywords Video Player Web Services API Workflows



The intention is that they serve as a great reference for all of us, customers new and old - in getting a full and proper picture of Affino, and reminding us of useful features, functions and utilities that we were thinking of making use of but never quite got round to implementing on our site/s.


Once we completed the 49, we realised that we’d missed out on, or been unable to properly explain some further key elements; some of which are just nearing development completion too. We will be adding the following 6 Features in the near future (As soon as we design the absolutely correct icons for them):

  • Design Elements
  • eTests
  • Expert Platform (New!)
  • Funding Platform (New!)
  • Recruitment Platform (Extensive re-architecture and additions)
  • Social Networking (a core facet of Affino that somehow missed the cut!)

There’s always the question of what one’s favourite Affino Feature is? For my department (Design / Marketing), the most significant advance in Affino was the introduction of the Design Centre in 2002, We then introduced Drag-and-Drop Design Implementation in 2008, and Design Edit in 2009 - which everyone loves. I love the current incarnation of Live Edit, and the Application Bar, and I really love our Video and MP3 players, but what is my favourite current Affino Feature?


I suppose I am currently evenly split between Comments & Ratings, Media Embeds, Design Edit and Group Chat!


Which are your Favourite Affino Features?


Have we left out some of your favourites?


Posted by Stefan
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