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Total Sales and Marketing Automation


What is it?

Affino Sales and Marketing Automation is a system-wide solution which builds upon key consumer psychology motivators, and anchors them to a ’Customer Ladder’ methodology, whereby customers are identified as being at one of 5 different stages of progress - Suspect > Prospect > Customer > Regular > Advocate.


Affino then utilises a number of what we call ’Conversion Event Triggers’ (50+). These elements capture and track customer contacts, incentivise, motivate, recognise and reward those customers and help elevate them up the Customer Ladder. There are a variety of follow-on actions and resultant effects that each Conversion Event can trigger, they can be used individually or daisy-chained together into workflows.


In effect you have a mechanism to track and react to any of your customers’ key contact activities - whether passive (remember login) or active - interactions and transactions. Affino uses elements of Abraham Maslow’s ’Theory of Human Motivation’ / Hierarchy of Needs - to incentivise customers to gradually move up the Customer Ladder - this is done both by public recognition - e.g. badges and leaderboards, as well as privately via loyalty points / monetary credits and other forms of reward.


The Key Constituent Parts

The Key Constituent Parts

The principal parts of the Sales & Marketing Automation are the 50+ Conversion Event Triggers - which we will list below, there is though automation in several other component parts of Affino, which are both integral to those Conversion Events, as well as automations in their own right:

  • Customer Ladder Profile/s - Essentially Groups of selected Conversion Events
  • Customer Ladder Analysis - Multi-screen Analysis for Customer Ladder, Conversion Events and User Badges and Points
  • Conversion Events - The 50+ activity trackers and triggers - core to automation - see full list below, advanced targeting, sequencing, security, inclusions and exclusions, notifications and incentives built into each event
  • Conversion Funnels - Daisy-chained Conversion Events deployed as progressive funnel to track and identify certain customers
  • Campaigns - Ad Campaigns use Topics and Security for enhanced targeting
  • Messaging - Various automations on newsletters, notifications and alerts - based on demographic criteria - birhday, age etc. as well as specific actions - like abandoned shopping basket
  • Contact Capture - Capturing and segmenting customers from transations
  • Contact Lists - A key means of customer profiling and targeting, prospects can automatically be added to and removed from contact lists based on their activities, including multiple pipelines for incoming leads
  • Lead Generation - Utilising Conversion Event triggers to prompt sales team activities
  • Topic List / Taxnomy - Topics are an essential element for setting customer / user preferences and targeting absolutely relevant content
  • Security - An additional control and targeting layer for logged-in users, can also be used as a reward or blocker

List of Conversion Event Triggers


  • Awards Entry
  • Bounced Email
  • Cancelled Purchase
  • Change Password
  • Commenting
  • Contact Note
  • Content Subscription Update
  • Content Subscriptions
  • Demographic Profile Submission/Update
  • Downloads (Channel)
  • Downloads (Media)
  • Downloads (Zone)
  • Ecard
  • Email Confirmed
  • External Media Viewed
  • Facebook / Twitter Connection Added
  • Facebook Expiry
  • Failed Access Attempt
  • Form Entry
  • Forum Answer
  • Forum Post
  • Friend Bought from Invite
  • Friend Invite
  • Friend Registered from Invite
  • Guest Visits
  • Item Added to Basket
  • Item Added to Wishlist
  • Joining a Group
  • Load More
  • Logging In
  • Mailing List Signup
  • Mailing List Unsubscribe
  • Manual Assign
  • Media Added to Channel
  • Message Campaign Read
  • Message Campaign Sent To
  • Metering Gate
  • Metering Limit Reached
  • My Messages Despatches
  • Opportunity Opened
  • Opportunity Won
  • Pledge
  • Profile View
  • Purchase
  • Redirect
  • Registration
  • Share
  • Site Search
  • Specific Channel Viewed
  • Specific Media Viewed
  • Specific Section Viewed
  • Specific Standard Item Viewed
  • Standard Content Added to a Channel
  • Status Updates

How is it different?

How is it different?

Most Sales & Marketing Automation is in Enterprise Stack Add-on Format - i.e. by way of expensive third party integration. The Affino Automated Customer Ladder is unique in being fully baked into the very core of the central content, media and engagement serving platform. Affino is also revolutionary in how everything is interconnected and inter-related - and the granularity to which things can be defined. The combination of the whole affords incredible synergies not available anywhere else.


Moreover Affino sits on top of a sound consumer behaviour principles by way of the Abraham Maslow -influenced Customer Ladder methodology. Everything in Affino is also served up centrally and natively for deeper and more instant diagnosis and trend identification.


Affino Automation is also not just limited to Sales & Marketing, but covers every part of this extensive platform.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Near enough all our customers deploy the Customer Ladder in some way - even as simply as just to track views on a few critical pages - in fact as we do on the site. Of course the various Conversion Event Triggers need to be set up, but the pay-off is spectacular, especially when on Single Customer View / Single User View per above example.


We encourage you all to book a demonstration to witness first hand how revolutionary Affino is in this regard.


Book a Demo


What are the Benefits?

  • Automated Inbound Lead Lists
  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Better Data and Analysis
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Customer Conversion
  • More Up-Sell with Instant Incentives
  • Improved Tracking
  • Enhanced Productivity

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Affino 8.0.19 - The Control Side Release

The Control Site update is a precursor release to the major upcoming subscription and commerce release, with some great new intel tools and core updates, including new article and audience reports, enhanced campaign intel and a major update to the wysiwyg editor.

Affino 8.0.18 - The Actionable Intelligence Release Visual Highlights

The visual guide to the Actionable Intelligence update for Affino, which sees breakthrough productivity enhancements for marketers, analysts, sales teams, and community managers.

Affino 8.0.18 - The Actionable Intelligence Release

The Actionable Intelligence update for Affino sees breakthrough productivity enhancements for marketers, analysts, sales teams, and community managers.

Affino 8.0.16 - The Details Release

The Details update for Affino sees a nice set of updates for accessibility, ecommerce, campaigns, awards, the CRM, search and more.

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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