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Progressive Content Metering


What is it?

Also known as Up-sell content metering - it is Affino’s functionality for encouraging users / customers to continually up their status in order to access increasingly more valuable and unique content, functions and features. It makes use of Affino’s core CRM, coupled with the Security System of Security Groups and Security Rights and encourages prospects to register, registered users to become subscribers or members, and members to attain VIP status.


It is a linear scale per Zone (site), where each targeted user / customer group’s status is targeted by specific Security Group and a Security Right Restriction - for which they can be given a set number of ’free passes’ in order to sample the content at that level before they commit - this is usually 2 per month or so, but is just as likely to range from 0 to 10.


Each Zone can have its own Metering Profile - which defines however many metering levels you want - typically: Prospect > Registered User > Member. The scale applies uniformly and linearly to content, so you need to define who you are going to target before you set out your structure and assign Security Right to articles.


There is additional intelligence on the Metering Profile to provide bypasses for Referral Domains and Message Campaigns - this is particularly handy when prospect level is set to 0 passes. Generally it is advised that you allow customers some sort of sneak-peek, so we would recommend a very low limit over ’0’ as we’ve found that to work more successfully for most Clients.

The Key Constituent Parts

The Key Constituent Parts


  • Analysis - Set up daisy-chains / workflows of Conversion events so you can track conversion success rate
  • Articles - These are the main elements of the Content Metering - to which you assign Security Clearance and enable free passes
  • Article Steps - A recent innovation to allow you to create Up-Sell incentive panels versus having to rely on Design Scripts
  • Conversion Events / Funnels - There are two dedicated Metering Triggers - Metering Gate and Metering Limit Reached, which can be combined with the other 52 for really smart tracking. Convesion events can also be used to give time limited enhanced access to a membership tier
  • Design Scripts - On occasion the Article Steps option may not exactly meet your design and layout requirements, in which case you can deploy an entirely custom Design Script for that purpose
  • Design Styles - These define the look / styling of the Viewing X of Y articles panels
  • Ecommerce - For many Clients metering is about encouraging up-sell to subscription or membership - so customers can Register and buy into a membership level to grant themselves unlimited access to certain categories of articles
  • Membership / Subscription Plans - These are the means by which Memberships and Subscriptions are transactions in Ecommerce
  • Message Campaigns - You can send out secured metered articles in newsletters - you will need to tick 'Message Campaign Bypass' to enable this
  • Metering Levels - Assigned to Metering Profile, needs to be a minimum of 2, but often consists of 3 or 4 different up-sell levels
  • Metering Profile - This is the profile within which you create the various Metering Levels, assign to Zone, enable Bypasses etc.
  • Registration - This is often the key pay-off for metering, getting prospects to register onsite so that you can profile them and initiate further dialogues with them
  • Referral Domains - Bypassed domains which override the security restrictions on metered content - great for promotions and affiliate alliances
  • Security Groups - These control what rights are applicable at which Metering Level
  • Security Rights - These are the Security Clearances assigned to restrict access to content, and for which Content Metering assigns free passes to view if user is not registered or some kind of member
  • Show Secured Content Setting - Setting on various article listings which allows title, teaser, thumbnail to be viewed for secured content
  • Smart Article Listing Design Element - This is used for highlights panels across your Affino site to display content - remember to engage 'Show Secured Content' for metered content
  • Zone - Note that each Metering Profile is per Zone (site) : you can only have a single ascending hierarchy per each Zone

How is it different?

How is it different?

As with everything Affino it is wholly seamless and baked into the core system - with every action logged in the Core-Connected CRM. It makes use of several synergies which would be nigh on impossible to achieve through an enterprise stack or integrated component solution. The logic is simple to pick up and outlined by the above visual - a series of securities which block access to content, but enable free passes for sampling purposes.


The fact that it interacts directly and instantly with Affino's Design Elements and Sales & Marketing Automation means you can create smart daisy-chained workflows you could not elsewhere. We try to tie everything we do into the Core CRM of the system and into our central Customer Ladder methodology which fuels the various automations, and exists to incentivise, motivate, up-sell, track, recognise and reward customers for their every activity.


Because everything is both native and seamless, you get real-time big data like nowhere else, and everyone on the site is profiled for further potential follow-up. We like to think that the individual Affino elements add efficiency and ergonomics to the extreme - allowing you to setup quickly, then fire and forget, and let the system do the heavy lifting for you.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples


The first Client to make use of Affino Content Metering was FG Insight - whose up-sell screen you can see immediately above. Most of our clients are now running some form of Content Metering, as are we on our Insights Channel. Here are some of the leading examples:


What are the Key Benefits?

  • Major incentive for Registration
  • Ability to track and analyse consumer behaviour
  • Increased value and worth of Content
  • Be more easily able to profile your customers
  • Great method for encouraging customer up-sell
  • Perfect for Lead Generation
  • Allows you to easily tier and target your key service offerings

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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