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Hybrid Ecommerce


What is it?

Affino Ecommerce mixes up both physical and digital goods with a variety of saleable services (via Service Credits) and through various means of monetisation. This means you can monetise both upstream and downstream services and most everything in between. A typical example is the ability to sell Subscriptions in various ways - print subscriptions, as well as PDF versions or membership access to a large bank of related content, media and services.


You can sell the same digital goods on-demand, as an extended period subscription, or an annual membership. You can charge customers for accessing and downloading materials as well as having the ability up upload materials to certain Channels. Affino also has a funding element - which allows you to do crowd-sourced project funding (a la Kickstarter) or run the same service for a charitable organisation - for fundraising.


There are more than 20 commercial engines in Affino which allow you to bundle together digital and solid goods into a single Catalogue Item Bundle. Of course, as with everything Affino, the Ecommerce component is instantly on and seamlessly dovetailed into every part of the system, allowing for relatively quick deployment of a storefront. Affino also has a dedicated Product Search and various Ecommerce-specific Design Elements.


The Key Constituent Components

The Key Constituent Components


  • Automated Customer Ladder - Affino's extensive system of Sales and Marketing Automation - featuring 50+ Conversion Event Triggers and Incentives
  • Catalogue Imports / Exports - Variety of Imports and Exports for Catalogue Items and Attributes, Coupons, Inventory Variations and Media File Paths
  • Catalogue Items - The commercial saleable item / product format containing the various for-sale settings and options - pricing matrix etc.
  • Catalogue Item Modifiers - Ability to assign modifying attributes which change pricing based on product configuration selected
  • Checkout Profiles - Settings Profiles for configuring Checkout Page / Screen
  • Coupons / Coupon Groups - Ability for customers to redeem coupon code/s for discounts
  • CRM Integration - fully integrated with the CRM on every level
  • Currencies - Ability to support multiple currencies, with one primary reporting currency
  • Deferred Income Report - Calculation of Pro Forma billing versus receivables
  • Delivery Time Frames - Delivery Intervals that can be associated with Catalogue Items
  • Discounts - General discounts applied to Catalogue Items
  • Google Base Profiles - Google Merchant Centre integration profiles
  • Inventories - Feature for managing stock levels
  • Invoice Profiles - Settings Profiles for defining Order Invoice / Receipt that gets sent to customer on purchase completion
  • Order Contacts - Admin personnel associated with Sales Order Admin and Processing
  • Order Line Item Report - Order Line Sales Report
  • Order Lists - Ability to define specific overview of Orders
  • Orders - Overview of Customers' Orders with extensive search, filtering, notifications, reporting and export
  • Payment Gateways - Profiles for selecting and configuring relevant Payment Gateway types
  • Payment Options - An element for grouping together Payment Gateways to provide different checkout options for customers
  • Popup Basket Profiles - Settings Profiles for configuring options / display for optional pop-up checkout confirmation panel
  • Pro Forma Orders - Manual order creation, fully integrated with product catalogue, and core order management, with unified ecommerce and off-site commerce reporting
  • Product Messages - These are 'greeting' style messages that can be set-up to accompany certain purchases
  • Product Categories - Category Types used to distinguish Catalogue Item types
  • Product Line - Definition for typically individual Brand or Product Group
  • Production Elements - Production management, take each order line item and overall production management and manage them on one seamless interface
  • Production Statuses - Admin-defined Status categories for applying to Production Element - to mark progress
  • Sage Audit Trail Export - Sage Integration Audit Trail Export - based on Store Profiles
  • Sage Customer List Export - Ability to Export Customer List from Sage integration
  • Sales Invoice Export - Export Sales Invoices per Store Profile
  • Sales Report - Filter Grid which allows you to define specific sales report data from drop-down and filter menus - based on Business Units, Sales Team, Account Manager etc.
  • Security Groups and Rights - A key enabling component for Digital Goods is 'Security Clearance' whereby Affino grants temporary access to rights which enable features and functionalities on-site. Security rights can be enabled short term (on-demand), medium term (subscription) or longer term (membership)
  • Service Credits / Plans / Profiles - The means by which Affino makes services saleable through Ecommerce, e.g. the ability for customers to post paid for jobs to a jobs directory
  • Shopping Baskets - Ability to view active customer Shopping Baskets and assist with checkout issues
  • Store Profiles - The Key Settings Profiles for individual Store Fronts
  • Subscription Plans - The principal component for monetising Digital Subscriptions
  • Suppliers - Ability to reference Supplier against Product / Product Line
  • Tax Codes / Rules - Ability to assign different Tax Values / Codes against Catalogue Items / Products
  • Tax Period Summary Export - Ability to Export Summary Report of Tax Periods assigned to Pro Forma processing
  • Tax Transaction Report - Ability to generate report for Tax Transactions accrued
  • Trading Zones - Settings Profiles for defining Geophysical Sales Territories with different Tax values, currencies applied etc.
  • UPS Access Point Profiles - UPS delivery integration

How is it different?

How is it different?

There are three key differences - the way Affino combines digital / subscription goods with physical goods and allows them to be bundled together. You can sell Subscriptions, Service Credits, Physical Goods, Downloads, Uploads, Events and Memberships all in a single transaction for example.


Beyond these hybrid digital / physical bundles, Affino is also fairly unique in just how many ways it allows you to sell. As an example for a commercial PDF or Video Library - you can have on-demand sales, short term subscriptions and/or longer-term membership options - i.e. slightly differently priced and targeted revenue streams. You can also tie in Affino's Sales and Marketing elements / Conversion Events to daisy-chain together some very unique incentives and sales workflows.


There are currently more than 20 built-in commercial engines which allow you to monetise pretty much any of your downstream or upstream activities. For the former, as mentioned - you can monetise downloads, services credits and various catalogue item sales. For upstream you can assign costs for uploading certain types of content - directory entries and listings. You can also derive income by taking service fees for various outbound services - these can be RSS-fed as well as API / webservices fed.


Of course all of this is responsive-design supported, and includes smart elements such as sticky pricing - which keeps the pricing in view on mobile as you scroll down the screen.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples

A great example of a more traditional physical goods retail site is the very recently refreshed and wholly re-configured Bathrooms and Showers Direct, as pictured above. Our Clients really use the full feature range of Affino to sell all manner of Items - in particular Events and Subscriptions.


What are the Benefits?

  • Bundle Items together for efficient Inventory Management
  • More Available Revenue Streams
  • Monetise All Your Content
  • Gain Value from Every Customer Contact
  • Multiple Revenue Streams on Single Item
  • More opportunities for Sales Automation
  • Full CRM Integration
  • Sell More

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The Actionable Intelligence update for Affino sees breakthrough productivity enhancements for marketers, analysts, sales teams, and community managers.

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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