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Fluid Multiformat Subscriptions



What is it?

This must-have solution for publishers and media companies allows them to offer up all manner of subscriptions - handled seamlessly through the same system. You can mix up free and commercial, messaging, digital and print subscriptions any way you might want to.


It works by essentially combining 5 core Affino elements - Print Products, Subscription Plans, Security Groups, Catalogue Items, Mailing Lists, and the resulting Subscriptions. You can provide Digital Only, Digital and Print or Print Only, and include messaging subs - it is totally up to you how you price these, and over what time interval / period.


This allows for extremely fluid Subscription Management - with everything clearly defined and managed within the same workflow.

The Key Constituent Parts

The Key Constituent Parts
  • Contact / Account - subscriptions highlighted both on contact and account screens
  • Mailing List - seamless integration allows for single sign-up for print, digital and email subs in one click
  • Subscriber - The Contact / User / Customer who acquires the Subscription
  • Subscription - The actual period of Subscription which binds Subscriber to Subscription Plan for set interval
  • Subscription Plan - The Subscription Type assigned, and the Security Group which conveys the privilege / permission for Digital format Subscriptions
  • Print Product / Type - Category, Type, Issue, Number of Pages, Press and Circulation Dates etc. - the hard-copy format for Subscription
  • Product Line - Parent line of Product - just a Name really
  • Catalogue Item - The Commercial mechanic which allows Users / Customers to purchase Subscriptions
  • Orders / Pro Forma Order - direct link to original orders and pro forma orders for complete traceability and re-assignment
  • Topic - Category Keywords associated with Print Product
  • Security Group - The means by which Subscription Plans are assigned to Users - i.e. temporary permission then defined by period of Subscription

How is it different?

How is it different?

Most publishers still rely on wholly different systems for their messaging, digital and print offerings. Even when things superficially look connected, there are usually at least four back-office systems which handle each of the different subscription formats.


Affino is fairly unique in combining the three so seamlessly together and allowing them to be managed and transactioned within the same workflow.


While other companies may be reliant on third-party suppliers and third-party systems and databases, with Affino you own the entire process and the relationship, and everything happens through your own Affino database. All these things streamline management of subscriptions and bring down overheads.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples

The fairly recent Drewry implementation is a great example of a modern global subscriptions sale business. The new site wraps up Affino Subscriptions in a highly elegant visual format with superb navigation and persuasive related resources. Selling over fifty different subscription offerings.


What are the Key Benefits?

  • Simpler and More Efficient Subscription Management
  • Greater Productivity
  • Improved Analysis
  • More empowerment to publishing staff
  • Easier connectivity to related content and resources
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Single customer record

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