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Contextual Application Bar


What is it?

For admin users who have been assigned the relevant security right/s (App Bar and Control) there will appear a small Affino-logo-identified box in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The clicking of this will open up a menu panel which gives you direct control over most of the key attributes that impact what you see on the screen.


The App Bar allows you to edit directly the content you are seeing on the screen - based on that current content hierarchy. You can also access, update and change Design Elements and Objects appearing onscreen. You get access to the various relevant setting profiles, Text Items, Security rights and the like. There are also a couple of session-related variables you have control over, like cacheing and custom CSS / script display.


All-in-all the App Bar is a mini in-context version of the control-side, which gives you immediate access to change most of what you see happening on the screen in front of you.

The Key Constituent Components

The Key Constituent Components
  • Application Bar User Security Rights - The minimum right you need to acces the Application Bar - then you need additional permission for editing content types etc. e.g. 'Design'
  • Control Centre Panel - This gives you direct access into the major areas of Control Centre - Analyse | Commerce | Dashboard | Design | Media | Promote | Publish | Security | Settings | Social | Structure | To Do Lists | Log Out
  • Content Panel - Access to Add, Copy or Edit - Zone, Channel, Section, Articles and Steps, as well as access to edit relevant Settings Profiles to what is happening onscreen. Smart contextual functionality with top element Edit and Relate buttons which relate specific to the content hierarchy you are on
  • Design Panel - Access and Update Listing and Detail Skins, Design Objects and Design Styles as well as CSS - also 'Update All Skins' button
  • Text Items Panel - Edit and change various onscreen text prompts - can select Global change (Zone) or 'This Channel only'
  • Security Panel - Great quick glance utility which tells you where security is assigned - Channel, Section and Items. Also tell you which User Profile is active
  • Switches Panel - Momentary session switches for Cache, Design Scripts, Custom CSS - the first is essential for editing, the other two for design-trouble-shooting
  • Nuclear Refresh Button - A counter-clockwise circular arrow which resets Skin, Text items and Gues Cache for the page you are on
  • On / Off Button - Lowest button allows you to toggle the App Bar menu panel on and off

How is it different?

How is it different?

The App Bar gives you intelligent and immediate admin access to whatever page you are on. It allows you to do all your day--to-day site admin from the comfort of display-side. Of course the display will flip between control and display-side, but all the actions are triggered and returned back to the active live pages.


One of the key aspects of Affino has always been the immediacy of the admin experience - in that you can truly make wide-ranging changes directly and instantly from the various admin and editorial utilities. The App Bar is the key display-side admin utility, and replicates huge amounts of control centre functionality - in as logical and usable manner as possible.


The idea is that once you've been through the process of fully setting up your site, you can then do 99% of your regular admin tasks via the App Bar interface quickly and efficiently.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples

You should get a fair idea of what the App Bar is about from the above screenshots.


To see this in action, you are best off here viewing a live demonstration - that alone can convey what Affino is truly capable of:


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What are the Key Benefits?

  • Instant access to instant change
  • Intelligent display of relevant required settings
  • Effortless Trouble-Shooting
  • Greater Productivity
  • Simplification of daily site management
  • Mobile, Tablet and Desktop friendly

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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