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Universal Media Business Platform


What is it?

The Affino Unified Digital Business Platform is also known as the Unified Media Business Platform. This is because it contains in one solution - all the key elements you need to run a modern Media Business. Affino combines Core-Connected CRM with Big Data, CMS, DAM, Events / Awards, Collaboration, Recruitment, Community, Subscriptions Management and Ecommerce.


In addition to all the modern Media digital elements and solutions at your disposal, you also retain more traditional means in being able to oversee print product management with invaluable utilities such as Flat-planning to coordinate with editorial and ad sales.


Everything is driven through the Core-Connected CRM which has Project and Task management utilities to action and keep tabs on your staff. There are also specific Publishing and Media workflows, Lead generation / management workflows and the 50+ Conversion Events - which in turn can be daisy-chained together to track and monitor various processes and workflows.


The scope you have in one single system is unprecedented, as is the way Affino consolidates back-office functions with its digital-front-end. For most media businesses out there, Affino can provide near enough everything you need - out-of-the-box and in one place.

The Key Constituent Parts

The Key Constituent Parts
  • Accounts - Client Businesses and Organisations - groups together related Contacts / Customers
  • Awards / Award Profiles - Ability to set up and manage awards
  • Broadcast Events - A control layer used to organise, manage and schedule outgoing email campaigns
  • Business Units - In effect a division or department made up of Managers and Sales Teams
  • Campaigns - Both Message / Messaging and Ad Banner Campaigns
  • Contacts / Users / Staff - The User Account Unit - variously Contacts / Users / Customers
  • Contact Lists - Targeting lists featuring collection of Contacts based on key filtering and targeting criteria
  • Conversion Events / Customer Ladder - The Core of Affino's Sales and Marketing Automation - 50+ different trackers and incentivisers
  • Conversion Funnels - Daisy-Chained Conversion Events combined into processes or workflows
  • CRM / Big Data - Affino's Core-Connected CRM stores all your customer activity data in a single database - for unique overview and insight
  • Design Centre - Affino's Dynamic DIY Design Implementation utility for building and rolling out individual brand and product sites
  • Directories / Directory Profiles - Ability to set up and manage Directories
  • Ecommerce - all elements can be sold online through the digital store, be they print or digital, one off or subscriptions
  • Events / Event Profiles - Ability to set up and manage Events
  • Leads / Lead Generation Profiles - Affino's Lead Generation and Management system - uses Conversion Event Trackers and Notifications
  • Mailing Lists - mailing list management
  • Media Workflow Profiles - Specific Workflow process for managing media contributions
  • Metering Profiles - Ability to set up Payment Walls and other forms of content access restriction
  • My Account / My Profile - customers can access and manage their profiles, orders, subscriptions and digital goods
  • Print Products / Types / Flat Plans - Traditional Media Management based around Printing process and relevant tasks
  • Product Categories - Different types of saleable products - data, advertising etc, - associated with Product Lines within Print Management
  • Product Lines - These are defined by Product Categories and selected saleable Catalogue Items
  • Production Elements - essential for production management, the elements contain and define the artwork that goes into a Flat Plan - includes Print Products, Broadcast Events, Creatives, Accounts, Client Contacts, Staff Teams and Oder Line Items, as well as selected Ad Media and Deadline Date
  • Production Statuses - A means to colour-code and categorise status of different tasks within production workflows
  • Pro Forma Orders - The means to charge for future deliverables
  • Projects - Set up and manage Projects - based on Account, Contract, Project Manager and Team, Client Contact and Team and various Project Documents / Documentation
  • Publishing Workflow Profiles - Specific Workflow process for managing content / article contributions
  • Jobs / Recruitment Briefs / Recruitment Profiles - The Affino Jobs / Recruitment element - for providing staffing to specifically defined sectors and individual recruitment briefs
  • Sales Leaderboard & Report - Overview of sales by Business Unit, Sales Team, Account Manager and Account, alongside other key criteria
  • Sales Teams - Part of Lead Management, Business Units and Sales Reporting - made up of identified Account Managers
  • Seminars / Profiles - Ability to set up and manage Seminar type events
  • Service Credits - Ability to monetise services as well as digital and physical goods
  • Social / Social Networking - Members Listing, Invites, Messaging etc. all integral parts of Affino's Professional Community Elements
  • Store Profiles - Ability to set up a number of different store fronts with shopping baskets and checkout - can sell enormous variety of digital and solid goods / products
  • Subscriptions / Subscription Plans - A key component for most modern publishing companies - the ability to combine online and offline subscriptions - i.e. for various digital subscriptions products, including PDFs, as well as more traditional weekly or monthly print subscriptions

How is it different?

How is it different?

You can see from the very significant Constituent Parts list above that Affino is quite a different proposition to anything else that is out there. Providing a genuine end-to-end solution suitable for most publishing and media businesses. Our clients sell all manner of goods in all manner of ways - you can combine digital and physical goods free and paid-for - on an on-demand basis, longer-term subscription basis or full membership and VIP basis.


All the key back-office systems are baked into the core solution which is run off a single database harnessed by a Core-Connected CRM. It's not just that it contains so many functional areas, it's how seamlessly they dovetail into each other - giving you ease of re-application, copying, multi-display and re-use throughout the system.


It is up to you - the client as to how much of Affino you choose to use, some use near enough all of it, others use key parts - normally centred around the CRM and the Subscriptions elements. Affino typically replaces between 10 and 20 individual solutions within a comparable enterprise stack.


With Affino you get all this functionality out-of-the box and working straight-away and you chose when to deploy the elements you need. What you don't need to do is factor in months of integration work to get your services up-and-running.


Affino's significantly reduced running overheads mean that your staff are more empowered to work productively in evolving and improving your business offerings, rather than just simply maintaining the the various integrations, de-duping databases and similar work that usually goes hand-in-hand with enterprise stack deployments.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples

There are numerous front-line media ambassadors for Affino. One of the most recent - Drewry lead the way forward in global subscription sales. FG Insight is the epitome of a refreshed and revitalised traditional media business - now fully mobile-optimised and leading-edge digital operator in its sector as well as a still highly revered traditional print publication.


And Procurement Leaders - who use near enough everything that is available in the Affino platform are still showing everyone just how rapidly and how far you can expand your brand and your business when you build on Affino:


What are the Key Benefits?

  • Streamlined Operation
  • More Routes to Market
  • More Revenue Streams
  • Improved Engagement
  • Better Productivity
  • Lower Overheads
  • More Flexibility
  • More Automation

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The Actionable Intelligence update for Affino sees breakthrough productivity enhancements for marketers, analysts, sales teams, and community managers.

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Independent Publisher Digital Product of the Year
2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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