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Global and Granular Security


What is it?

From the very earliest days the Affino Solution has been imbued with the facility to make significant wide-ranging impacts through changing just a few settings. This philosophy is rooted in ’Global Controls’ on the Channel level - which then filter down / trickle down through underlying hierarchy and content. This means for instance that you can secure and lock down large parts of your sites very quickly and through the fewest of key-strokes.


There are an equal amount of occasions when you desire very fine granular control over your content - meaning that each article can have its own unique Security Right or be opted in or out as required. These two approaches work in tandem to provide you with the ultimate in flexibility and productivity.


You can fine-tune your Security Protocols and easily change and adapt security models based on the relevant context. At a core level, the permissioning exists of assigning securities to content, as and where they are required on your site, and conversely to individuals as permissions, directly, or through security group memberships which can be permanent or assigned temporarily. The granularity means that different user interface elements as well as the content can be secured - so that different user groups not only get presented with different content, but a differentiated interface too.


Content Security Rights can assigned in the guise of subscriptions and memberships, even temporary download rights, all of which can be sold either online but also directly through the Pro Forma sales. So much in Affino has Security and permissioning at its core which allows for great flexibility when it comes to your commercial models.

The Key Constituent Components

The Key Constituent Components


  • Authentication Profiles - These are external API authentication settings for enabling surface degree integration with, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Twitter
  • Barred Addresses - This lists out all those who have failed to login for the prerequisite amount of attempts - they need to be manually unblocked from this list - a security feature to help prevent hacking
  • Blog Profiles - Blogs are unique content channels directly tied to a user's account, Blog Profiles help configure the key pertinent settings
  • Catalogue Items - you can associate Subscription Plans with products (catalogue items), and sell them for term limited memberships
  • Connector Profiles - These enable users to effectively 'login' and connect using their Facebook and Twitter accounts, used to be LinkedIn too, but they shut down that service
  • Content security Rights - These are your own configurable security keys - set up and named by you, and used to restrict access to content and structural hierarchy. The same right is assigned to Security Groups and content - meaning that a User needs to have the relevant Security Right/s assigned to be be able to access content restricted with those rights
  • Conversion Events - can be used to give temporary (or permanent) membership of security groups. Meaning that users can earn elevated security access through tasks.
  • CRM Profiles - The CRM is the heart of an Affino Solution, and we have fairly extensive settings profiles to allow fine-tuning of configurations
  • Demographic Profiles - The Demographic Screen is in effect the second screen of the Registration Profile - this is so that you can secure the minimum required details on the fist Registration Screen, and then solicit further optional details that some customers may or may not be willing to share - having a two-step process ensures as many users are captured as possible, as longer registrations are known to have high rates of aborts
  • Email Blocks - Set up email domain blockers to stop unwanted parties - competitors for example registering on the website. Can also be used to block registrations from particular mail services - gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.
  • External Integration Profiles - The External Integrations screen is where you sync your Facebook and / or Twitter Profile to Affino - it order to allow posting through of content - in either one or both directions.
  • IP Address Filter - This allows you to either enable or block broad access based on IP Addresses / IP Address ranges. Means you can use your Affino site/s as proper Intranets, or block traffic from problem domains - e.g. hackers coming from a particular part of the world
  • IP Addresses - This is where you enter the IP Addresses for the IP Address Filter - they will either be blocked or enabled, depending on what settings are applied to the Filter
  • Live Users - A straightforward listing which shows who is live on your site right now
  • Login Profiles - Setting Profiles for configuring / fine-tuning the Login page
  • Member Search and Listing Profiles - Settings for the Members Listing Channel - which is split into Listing and Detail Profiles, with the latter covered by the 'Public Profiles'
  • Member Types - Attribute Groups which can confer Topics, Security Group and Security Clearance when selected during Registration, can of course require user approval to double check suitability of assignment, or you can have it fully automated
  • My Account Profiles - A must for any transactional site - for customers to view status of orders - past and present, as well as access relevant purchased digital media
  • My Information Profiles - A slightly larger construct than My Account the latter being purely transactional while My Info / Preferences is a series of user account-type screens giving acces to bookmarks, wishlist, contributed content etc,
  • Nickname Blocks - Prevent potentially offensive nicknames - usually enacted retrospectively
  • Password Reminder Profiles - Affino Password Reminder these days is rather a Password Reset, which creates randomised password for you if you have forgotten your own
  • Pending Users - If you have 'Require User Approval' selected on Registration, then all registered users get sent into this list, with notifications also going out to the Security Admin to review and approve Users individually,
  • Personalisation Profiles - These control the Display-side Update Account Screen - obviously the fields displayed are directly related to what's selected on the Demographic Profile
  • Public Profiles - These are the display-side publicly viewable User Profiles - featuring a number of different content and info panels
  • Registration Profiles - This is the first screen of registration - intended to capture contact details as quickly and painlessly as possible - this approach was pioneered with the BBC to ensure maximum capture of contact details, with further incentives ensuring that additional details would be filled in later
  • Registration Affiliate Profiles - You are limited to a single Registration Channel / Profile per Zone. To offer variety you can use Registration Affiliate Profiles which allow you to setup differentiated sub-domain registrations which assign different securities depending on the URL you come in on for registration
  • Security Groups - This is the essential global control for managing the right combinations of Content Security Rights and System Security Rights to empower particularly user groups to access and interact with what they need
  • Social Connectors - These allow users to Login on your Affino site using external Social Profiles from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Subscription Plans / Subscriptions - are used to give temporary memberships, and therefore access to your digital assets, as well as inclusion in print product distribution lists.
  • System Security Rights - Around 90 or so Functional Security Rights which give users access to particular functionalities - both applied to display-side and control-side. As an example you would need 'Comment User' right to be able to post Comments
  • User Bulk Update - This allows you to Bulk Update Users by changing assignment from selected Security Group and Account to different Security Clearance, Security Group and Company
  • User Profiles - These are the Key Control Security Profiles which connect together all the different Security Centre Profiles and apply them to a particular Zone - one User Profile per Zone
  • User Security - This is the advance control-side User Listing where you can edit User and update their Security Privileges
  • User Import / Export - Ability to Export and Import XLS file format user listings - for further processing outside of Affino

How is it different?

How is it different?

As with most things in Affino, it is the scale and scope covered, and how integral and pervasive security is across everything. When compared to Enterprise Stack solutions using multiple API and different connecting databases. Affino has just a core singular database, managed by a core single CRM - meaning that you are instantly and immediately connected to all activities.


You apply the same logic and same security policy throughout all the different types of content, which gives you much better overview and control over who should be able to do what. Only Affino gives you that instant at-a-glance status where you can be 100% of what is going on on your site.


The dynamic mix of Global Settings with granular refinements allows you to get the best of both worlds - blanket-setting security via Channel or Section Level and filtering further with individually applied securities. In security it is the API points - the transitional points which have historically been the main weaknesses - with is single customer records, tight controls, and with all related information available Affino minimises the points at which security can be intercepted or altered without being clearly visible.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Nearly all Affino Sites feature Registration and Login, many feature blogs and collaboration groups, relatively few use Public Profiles actively. We've always liked the way FG Insight do their Login page, Registration is a bit of a different matter - like checkout - where you want to focus the user on a single task - with no distractions, so Registations tend to be very vanilla. Procurement Leaders make use of nearly every Affino component, Inside Housing is classic Professionals' Resource, and of course we would like to thing we've got most things right on


What are the Key Benefits?

  • Maximum Security Control
  • Easy Traceability
  • Tighter Security
  • More Empowerment
  • More Flexibility
  • Automated Permissioning

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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