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GDPR Management


What is it?

Affino has taken GDPR wholly and whole-heartedly onboard. Meaning that GDPR is baked into the very core of the system and covering all user management and communications is a singular integrated system fully setup and part of all those customer activities - where Affino admins need merely configure the system profiles to make use of it. We have concertedly are bringing every aspect of GDPR into the core system - giving Affino service users the ability to be fully compliant with the application of the GDPR laws across the board.


We also give you best practice guidelines, help guides and checklists. ’The Key Constituent Components’ section below details Affino’s comprehensive GDRP Management. Of course you will still need a Data Protection Officer along with all the correct processes and procedures, and the mechanics of GDPR are baked into Affino to drive compliance across all parts of the business that use it.


This means an extensive system of preference and permission management, as well as functions which allow accounts and communications to be easily suspended and personal data elegantly and quickly extracted, or removed where appropriate, upon request.


Since Affino can be used to fully manage and deliver on the audience engagement from the core CRM through to all the front end audience engagement, it can capture more audience interactions and extend the length of the contact records in a way that is hard to match.

The Key Constituent Components

The Key Constituent Components


  • Archived Contact / Former Member Management - Ability to manage 'Right to be forgotten' and expunged contact records - system still retains some anonymised track history which is essential for process management, analysis and maintenance, and can be re-connected if and when customer returns
  • Contact Lists - Permissioning of contacts in Contact Lists with stored dates of approvals
  • Contact Management - Preferences tab one each contact in the CRM to view aggregate preferences, permissions, and terms and conditions acceptances of contacts across all brands
  • Contact Record Claiming - Improved functionality for Registering Users to claim existing CRM Contact Record / User Account
  • Contacts - Ability to filter Contacts by Permissions date range and number of permissions
  • Conversion Events - New Password Reset trigger / tracker - which tracks number and time of resets whether by email or via SMS
  • Double Confirm - Optimised Registration Double Confirm Process
  • Dynamic Forms - Terms and Conditions attached to entry / submission of Dynamic Forms and fully audited
  • Enhanced CV Management - Easy removal of a User's CV and automatic removal when Contact is archived
  • Individual User Data Export - Ability to Export Individual's Data via User Export for data portability
  • Mailing Lists - Ability to associated preferences and permissions to specific mailing lists - defining what manner of communications within contact list are permissioned by end-user / customer
  • Media Download Permissioning - optional permission capture for downloads both for audit and contact list capture via white paper downloads etc.
  • Password Management - Higher level Password Reset and Confirmation protocols with automated time-outs and password audit history, advanced encryption including salting and peppering, and abilty to force password updates, with enforced new unique password
  • Permission-Based Lead Generation - Ability to gain specific permissions for sharing contact lists on all media downloads, with the ability to capture either unique or shared permissions for each download
  • Permission Management - Centralised Permissions Statement management tracked universally across all parts of Affino and 3rd party platforms where permission is being sought
  • Permission Statements - Permission Statements dialogues appear for mailing lists, forum and content subscriptions and document downloads
  • Personal Data (Security) - New Security Right which controls Access (DPO) to more sensitive personal data
  • Personal Preference Navigation - Expanding menus optimised for mobile devices allow users to access and manage their personal information easily
  • Preference Centre - Where Users can manage how they wish to be contacted and by what medium
  • Profile Update - ability to seek fresh Terms & Conditions approval during User Profile Updates
  • Profiling Suspensions - Ability to suspend Profiling if User requests such (only active on customer / display side, Control side always in place for security audiring)
  • Terms & Conditions - Terms & Conditions (and Permissions) are locked once any user / contact agrees to them - any changes to Terms require user acceptance again
  • Unsubscribe from All Marketing - More robust and pervasive system of exlusions based on permission and preferences selected, automatically tied into all message campaigns, with one click activation by either user or in CRM
  • User Import - Affino flags when a contact exists in the secure archive when attempting to re-import them. It is necessary to un-archive them first.
  • User Permission and Preferences API - API which connects Affino CRM Managment to third party systems / platforms / apps
  • User Permission Import & Export - Ability to Import and Export existing Users' Permissions
  • User Preferences Import & Export - Ability to Import and Export existing Users' Preferences

How is it different?

How is it different?

The Affino Unified Digital Business Platform is wholly different from any other digital business solution out there - it just covers many more customer activities within a single seamless system. Affino is already fully integrated across CRM, Commerce, Community, Events and Communications - no other comparable system handles so many activities in a fully inclusive manner. GDPR is now just another of Affino's Core Activities - fully baked into the core of the system and pervasively applied to all and every part of the system.


This makes for unprecedented ease of GDPR compliance as everything you need is already on-hand and fully connected with all parts of the system. You simply need to configure and setup the system to your own requirements - you still need to do some work, but as a Data Protection Officer, the lion's share of the heavy lifting is done for you in system terms. You will always need to write your various policy and privacy documents and set up preference profiles - but the whole framework is there for you to make use of directly.


For those not on Affino they will need to contend with multiple disparate systems often with multiple different databases - all of which require full documentation and permissioning with total transparency and portability between different parts of the interconnected system. User data, along with the relevant permissions and preferences then either need to be integrated via API across these platforms or alternatively imported / exported (with high frequency) between systems, or worst case manually managed within each system.


The more you use Affino to manage and deliver your business services, the more you can make all these essential processes and procedures more streamlined, more comprehensive, more compliant and easier to manage in the long run.


Unfortunately most comparative systems to Affino are still overly fragmented and rely on several third party solutions to manage and deliver on different business activities - they need to stitch together different permissions formats and standard and try to somehow meld them into a unified whole - while Affino does it out of the box. Affino's single core central CRM approach - means that all policies and permissions can be applied universally. The more diverse and different databases you have the more difficult it is to manage GDPR to the full letter of the law without such centralisation.


Affino is singular in the number of systems which have everything baked in for relatively easy deployment and rapid and dynamic customer and GDPR Management.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples

GDPR is fully and wholly deployed on this website - if you wish to experience some of the key elements of it, we would encourage you to register and review those workflows.


The main part of GDPR compliance is extremely sensitive, and we can only really demonstrate those on closed systems - so by all means:


Book a Demo



If you want to see just how seamless and comprehensive Affino GDPR Management is

What are the Key Benefits?

  • Full GDPR Compliance
  • Ease of Compliance Management
  • Better GDPR Productivity
  • Greatly Limited Liabilities
  • Eliminates Causes for Complaints and Fines
  • Significantly Raises Customer Confidence and Experience

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