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Full-Spectrum Customer Engagement


What is it?

Customer Engagement is how businesses connect with their regular and prospective customers in the digital domain. In general, the more ways you can elicit some form of contact or interaction the better. This covers more active primary means like unique / special offers and calls to action, as well as secondary more passive functions like newsletters, subscriptions and content metering.


Much of this has to do with how you set up your site, but also what feature set you have at your disposal to accomplish the various trigger events. Affino’s true advantage comes from its strength in both depth and breadth of function, particularly in the area of Sales and Marketing Automation, which with its 50+ Conversion Events cover a very wide array of scenarios.


Part of engagement is also being able to communicate on more personal and personable terms - after all - people relate best to people. So Affino makes use of a number of social utilities - public user profiles and avatars to connect content, features and services with recognisable and approachable personalities.


With the way digital business has evolved - especially in terms of global reach, it is increasingly up to various automations to track and handle customers outside of active office hours. Customer Engagement is no longer a nice-to-have really, it is quite the business essential these days.

The Key Constituent Parts

The Key Constituent Parts
  • Autoresponders - A key aspect of Conversion Events - the ability to trigger a variety of messages and prompts to initiate follow-up activities, both internally and directly to the contact
  • Blog - A unique article publishing format tied to the author's public profile, and using avatars to reinforce personalities
  • Campaigns - Topic filters and personalisation-controlled campaigns ensure that actual and potential customers will see relevant offers and incentives
  • Comments and Ratings - A primary means to connect with actual and potential customers and to encourage engagement and registration
  • Contact Capture - How Affino captures key customer contact details during ecommerce checkout process - to enable further contact and follow-up
  • Content Metering - One of the key tools to encourage registration
  • Content Subscriptions - Allowing customers to select their own content email notifications and feeds, as well as the frequency of update
  • Core-Connected CRM - The principal tool you use to review, manage and co-ordinate all these activities
  • Customer Ladders + Conversion Events - Affino's Sales and Marketing Automation already contains more than 50 activity triggers which engage, incentivise, motivate and reward customer for furrther engagement
  • Design Centre - Affino's Dynamic DIY Design Implementation utility which allows you to personalise your user interface and highlight principle activities and interactions you want customers to engage with
  • Events - A variety of Event activities, including Awards and Seminars engages customers with time-sensitive offers which are fully ecommerce-enabled for transactions
  • Forms - The basic primary means of contact / enquiry
  • Forums & Collaboration - A single module with a great degree of variety in application - covering amongst others - open discussion forums, more specialist project and bug reporting forums, as well as collaboration spaces with reference to various shared resources
  • Incentives - A big part of the Customer Ladder / Conversion Events - is the ability to incentivise customers with increased privileges, points, discounts, kudos, recognition, and actual monetary store credits
  • Invites - The ability for customers to connect with and invite contact and friends from their existing networks
  • Member Profiles / Networking / Avatars - The essence of personability is the ability to display user avatars in a wide variety of context - to make the entire engagement experience a more personal and affecting proposition
  • Messaging & Newsletters - The ability to communicate on-site as part of Social Networking, as well as the ability to sign up for a variety of updates which keep the customer in regular contact
  • Outbound Feeds - Strategic use of Atom and RSS feeds can bring traffic to your site where you can engage and incentivise for further contact
  • Related Content - This is about presenting the full accompanying references and collateral for features, services and articles, as well as the ability to keep the reader / prospect onsite for longer, giving you more time to engage with them
  • Rewards - Through the Customer Ladder you can reward your customers in a variety of ways - via recognition / badges / points, a bump up in privileges / user abilities, as well as monetary credits and discounts
  • Social Connectors - This is the ability to connect with the key social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. - to be able to engage a larger pool of potential customers
  • Social Media Embeds - You can embed a variety of social elements into Affino articles and features - including Twitter Cards, YouTube videos and SlideShare presentations - all of these help you connect better with actual and potential customers and elicit additional interactions
  • Social Sharing - The ability to share content through to the key Social Networks for further outreach and interaction
  • Topics / Personalisation / Recommendations - Topics are the root of Affino's personalisation - connecting key channel categories with users interests. Once preferences have been selected, Affino can recommend a variety of content and contacts who share the same preference topics
  • Workflow-enabled Content Contributors - Affino enables actions and interaction both upstream and downstream - enabling outside users to become content contributors to your business

How is it different?

How is it different?

Affino's greatest strength has always been in its broad and holistic approach. You simply have more functionality on-tap from a single system. All elements and components are seamlessly connected, allowing for far more synergies in how these can be deployed.


Customer Engagement is about how many ways you can connect with and incentivise your existing and potential customers, and also how personable and refined you can make those incentives / offers / calls to action. Affino is pretty unique in how it pervasively uses topics throughout the system - enabling high levels of personalisation.


What's more is that with so many activities innately connected together, you can daisy-chain Conversion Events in very particular ways - allowing for unique combinations in how to appeal to and connect with your customers.


You have more ways to connect, more ways to communicate and more ways to follow-up. Looking at all the constituent parts on offer and how they seamlessly and effortlessly dovetail into each other - all run through a singular database and singularly powerful Core-Connected CRM - translates into having all the means at your disposal, and a relatively easy path to maintaining all those activities.


On top of all this you have Affino's Dynamic Design Centre - which allows you to design, hone and refine your user interface / user experience to the nth degree. There is no other single system that gets anywhere close to Affino's full-spectrum abilities. The only alternative would be using a highly intricate integrated enterprise stack, which means multiple databases, multiple interfaces, highly complex and fragmented user journeys - with higher overheads and more difficulty to manage.

Serving Suggestions and Examples

Serving Suggestions and Examples

All Affino sites deploy some degree of Customer Engagement, some more than others. Top example is probably Procurement Leaders - The Professional Service Resource for Chief Procurement Officers. No site utilises more Affino functionality than this one - providing the full range of professional member services - networking, collaboration, jobs, events, training and various other resources. There are all manner of engagement triggers peppered through the many different business channels / site areas. You will see Content Metering employed on roughly one third of all Affino sites - including FG Insight. And you will see personalisation and personal avatars on a significant proportion too. We recommend you check out:


What are the Key Benefits?

  • Drives up Registrations
  • Extends Customer Sessions
  • More Automation and Scale
  • More Opportunities
  • More Customer Intelligence
  • Increased Customer Contact
  • Increased Customer Loyalty

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year

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