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Control Centre
Control Centre

Affino’s intuitive, activity-focused back-end admin interface empowers you to manage everything and everyone on your site! Here we feature just a whistle-stop tour of 4 of the 11 key Control Centre areas.

Control Centre Home


The main landing page for your website gives you an instant overview of what’s happening on your site. It is laid out by activity type - so that you can rapidly navigate to all your site’s content and settings.



Moveable Main Menu


Left Navigation can be placed left or right of screen or collapsed completely - this features Predictive Search on ’Control’ functions, ’Content’ search, ’My Content’ listing which displays your latest contributions, and Favourites - which are set by clicking on the star - top right of the central panel



Top Navigation Button Links


Control | Publish | Promote

Communicate | Media | Structure

Design | Commerce | Analyse

Security | Settings | Help



Quick Links and Overview Panels


There are 12 large icon links in the centre of the page for rapid access to key functional areas; also 2 summary information panels for Who’s Online, Popular Content, Latest Content and Licence Status






On the Promote Screen you have full overview of your site’s promotional activities, this is split into 4 categories:



Promote Category


Competitions, Content Subscriptions, Google Website Optimizer and Social Sharing and Connector functions





Affino’s versatile multi-format Campaign Management with Social Campaigns and Takeover Stunts





Auto / Event / Activity -triggered multi-format Newsletters



Customer Ladder


Affino’s superb automated Customer incentivisation and rewards system




For ’Social’ read complete management of your Social Elements, Community and its Members interactions - this area is split into 4 categories:



Manage Community


Messages, Accounts and Contact Management, Leads Management and User Overview





Affino’s Social CRM is comprised of Contracts, Leads Management and Opportunities Pipeline Management



Manage Communication


Comments Queue, Dynamic Forms, Form Entries Management, Forums, Message Boards / Moderation, Online Forms, Personnel Directory and Polls



Expert Management


Affino’s smart Expert Member Opinion-led Content and Retail recommendations system




Media Centre helps you organise and manage your site’s myriad Media Assets. Split into 3 categories:





Media Inbox, Design Framework Images, Media Items, Media Editor and Documents





Dropbox to Media Library Section folder syncing



Media Profiles


Essential Media Management settings profiles

Affino Control Centre Intro
Rough Guide Video introduction to Affino Control Centre by CEO Markus Karlsson

Video duration: 2 mins approx.
Related Features:
54 Drag-and-drop, configurable, real-time analysis widgets
On-screen control menu - for instant access to updating all site content, design and key settings
Automated archiving and auto-re-assignment of older content
Rapid and powerful, full-featured publishing with embedded media and integral comments and sharing
Advanced Campaign Management with multiple creative formats and analysis
Threaded, multi-format Comments and Ratings with media embed, notifications and social sharing
Have full overview of Community Members and control over their every activity
Simple, targeted, multiple-choice answer competitions for increasing traffic to your site
Set up automated activity workflows to incentivise, motivate, track and reward customer activities
Run online Business and Service Directories where the Suppliers enter their own details and references
Threaded Forums and Message Boards for structured online communications
Run advanced, multi-part, saleable events trough your website
Dynamic and Simple Forms are the first line of communication between you and your customers
The perfect vehicle for shared-interest groups to share experiences
Affino’s 65+ Integrations plug into every part of the Web
Advanced Media Browsing, Asset Management, Image Editing and Video Snapshots
Incredibly versatile display-side multi-format media listings
Create and automatically trigger a diverse variety of differently purposed Newsletters
Personalise your User Experience by recommending site content and contacts - based on shared interests
Affino’s Security Centre wholly regulates who gets access to what on your website
Social Connectors integrate your Affino site with the leading Social Networks
Sell pretty much everything online, within your own dynamic, custom-styled Affino Store
Build, Copy and Reorganize your Site Structure with ease
Content Subscriptions, Newsletter Sign-ups and Memberships keep customers connected to your site
Enable RSS and Atom Syndication Feeds on your Content
Taxonomy Management, Auto-Keyword Assign and Indexing for superior SEO
Affino’s API securely transfers data and media between Affino and 3rd party ERM systems
Standard and Media Workflow Profiles empower user contribution and regulate content creation
Affino makes full use of industry standard WYSIWYG Editor - TinyMCE
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Rovio Gill & Macmillan Sigaria | Procurement Leaders Human Kinetics Investigo IMRG Briefing Media
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2014 PPA Connect Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Event Brand of the Year 2014 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year (Again!) 2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!) 2014 AOP Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Best Business to Business Website 2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Independent Publisher Digital Product of the Year 2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year 2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year
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